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Chockstone Chardonnay


Grampians (Great Western), Victoria, Australia.

Viticultural influences

Typical warm and dry weather at harvest time and low crop levels lead to wonderfully even ripening of our Chardonnay grapes. This combined with our early harvest to retain a bright natural acidity creates a rich and complex, yet elegant Chockstone Chardonnay.

Winemaking philosophy

Our winemaking goal for Chockstone Chardonnay is to create a vibrant, complex, and restrained wine that is truly representative of its cool-climate origins. We pick the grapes in the cool of the day, then add a mix of yeast types to the juice and allow the fermentation to proceed at its own natural pace in French barrels. This gentle fermentation process is followed by about six months of ‘resting’ in barrels to add subtle complexity to the structure and create and intriguing length to the already lively finish.

Tasting notes

Vibrant, complex, and balanced, our Chockstone Chardonnay displays a delicate, but vivacious nose of pears, apples and figs. The primary aromas are followed by a flintiness and a touch of creaminess. Subtle toasty and brioche influences from delicate sur lie aging elevate the fruit weight and add a further dimension to the structure. The bright and focused mid-palate is followed by a long, elegant and crisp finish.

Cellaring potential

This Chockstone Chardonnay is a gregarious, yet elegant beauty now, but its balanced structure and complex layers will allow it to develop wonderfully for at least another five to ten years. Witnessing this Chockstone Chardonnay develop over time will be a real treat!

Technical data

Harvested in late February
Bottled in November
12.0 % Alcohol
3.30 pH
7.5 g/L Total Acidity
0.1 g/L Residual Sugar

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