May 2016 News


Another fantastic vintage in the bag, topped off with some more great reviews. And, read on to find out about our new Chockstone six-pack deals.

Two Best-of-Class and a Wine-of-the-Week

We were very pleased to see the great results for our wines in Winestate Magazine’s Central and Western Victoria Wine Competition,published in their March/April edition.  The 2014 Chockstone Riesling was voted best Riesling in Central and Western Victoria, and the 2012 HardHill Road Durif was equal best in class. The 2013 Chockstone Shiraz also scored a great 4.5 points, coming in
equal second. Check out the results here.
Rounding out a good March, our 2012 Hard Hill Road Nebbiolo was listed as wine of the week in the Wine Companion Magazine on 25th of March. Halliday’s comments included:
Nebbiolo made to look easy, enough to make the majority of Australian makers grind their teeth furiously in frustration,,,,What a wine.”   
If you are keen to try some of this Neb, or our Durif, we have only a handful of six-packs of the 2012 Hard Hill Road wines left in stock, so take this opportunity to grab some before they run out.

Chockstone six-packs

 If purchasing a dozen bottles at a time is too much wine, you will be pleased to hear that we are now offering our Chockstone series for purchase in six-packs. You can purchase them either in straight sixes or a mixed pack.

 It came early, finished early and what a vintage!

Looking back now from mid-May,it seems ages since we barreled down the last of our 2016 reds, but they are all tucked away now and looking awesome. Another year of very low crop levels and a slightly warmer and dryer ripening season, lead to what must have been the.earliest vintage of record. This
resulted in some seriously structured and powerful reds,and what is looking like one of our most aromatically intense Chockstone Rieslings yet. You may remember from our last newsletter, that we acquired a new (old) wine press for this vintage and some great old-fashioned headed-down wine
fermenters. So, although it looks like the 1970’s in our Hard Hill Road shed, the old gear combined with our insistence on minimal handling has done the trick. And we are expecting our 2016 Hard Hill Road and Chockstone reds to show elevated flavour intensity and a bigger, softer structure as a result.
You’ll have to wait another 18 months to taste what we’re on about, though.
Thanks for taking the time to keep up to date on our happenings. You can expect to hear about the release of our 2016 Chockstone Riesling and 2013 Hard Hill Road wines in our next newsletters.