September 2016 News

Getting to the end of our pruning season, we realize it’s been a while since we published a newsletter, and all of a sudden we have three new vintages of our Chockstone blends to release. Read on to find out about them, and to hear about our long-awaited move back to the Hard Hill Road vineyard from America.

What’s not to love about pruning?

 Yes, indeed! A day spent in our beautiful Grampians vineyard snipping away along rows of vines, although not quite relaxing, is a wonderful meditative process. It’s all good, assuming you don’t mind putting on the waterproofs and getting out no matter what the weather.

In fact, it is a tremendously satisfying time for a winemaker to set up the vines for the next season’s harvest, and there is plenty of time to let the mind wander to winemaking plans for next vintage.


New vintages for three Chockstone wines

 Yes, it’s been a few months since our last newsletter and our last vinatges were all quite small bottling runs following small harvests. This means that three new Chockstone vintages have been released this month.  The 2016 Chockstone Riesling is a cracker! It’s one of the most vivacious and obviously minerally vintages since we started making it in 2007.  The 2015 Chockstone Chardonnay shows a touch more fruit than last vintage, but still retains its toasty, flinty restraint. Another small vintage this year, with just shy of 200 dozen bottled.

And after a small 2013 Shiraz vintage, the release of the 2014 Chockstone Shiraz comes just five months after the 2013 Chockstone was released. We are hoping the 2014 lasts a bit longer, but it’s a rich and complex wine that is showing wonderful depth and complexity already, with many good things yet to come as it unwinds in bottle.


A big move to the Hard Hill Road Vineyard

 Many of you may not know it, but for most of the last decade we have been making wines and growing our grapes from afar. We have been working closely with our neighbours to help us grow our grapes and make our wines each year.

Adam spent many hours on a plane flying between our previous home in the USA and our Hard Hill Road vineyard a number of times every year. But now those backwards-and-forwards have finally come to an end. At the end of June, we moved all four humans and one dog (ironically enough, an 18-month-old ‘American’ Australian cattle dog named Daisy) from America back to our Hard Hill Road property.

Looking back now that we are comfortably moved into the vineyard house, where Adam commutes 50 metres every day to the winery, the kids are finally in a country Australian school, and Eva is settling into her vineyard lifestyle, it’s a wonder it took us so long!

But this is just part of our bigger interesting story, and now that we are fully re-established at Hard Hill Road, we are going to focus more on our social media and storytelling, so watch this space for our blogs, Instagram, and Twitter feeds.